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KER RiteTrac Digestive Tract Support 3 kg

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From KER, the RiteTrac Gut Support powder supplement helps to boost, maintain, and support the total digestive tract, targeting the foregut and hind gut of the horse. RiteTrac works with fast acting antacids and coating agents to neutralize excessive gastric acid to protect the stomach lining and restore normal gastric environment. Containing EquiShure, time release hindgut buffer to act on the cecum and colon by minimizing the effects of subclinical hindgut acidosis. Kentucky Equine Research's RiteTrac is a great option for many horses including those who get fed high grain diets, performance horses, horses that experience stressful conditions such has traveling, show/sale prep and weaning, weight loss of unknown origin, susceptible to laminitis, grazing lush pasture, prone to mild colic, at risk of gastric and colonic ulcers and with digestive upsets.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Feed 1 scoop (60g) twice daily for a total of 120g
  • Serving per 1000lb horse
  • Each 3KG/6.6lb container supplies roughly a 25 day supply

Product Details:

  • Targets total digestive tract
  • Fast acting antacids and coating agents
  • Neutralizes gastric acid and buffers
  • Contains EquiShure - hindgut buffer on cecum and colon
  • Great for horses who are fed high grain diets or are under stressful conditions
  • Feed 120g daily
  • 1 scoop = 60g

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