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Life Data Barn Bag 11 lb

Item# 49024
Weight: FOB 11.0 Lbs
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Life Data Labs Barn Bag is a pelleted feed concentrate formulated to create a superior equine diet. This supplement supports the proper nutritional ratios of nutrients for both pleasure and performance horses on hay and pasture diets. Excellent for maintaining easy keepers as well as maintaining a healthy metabolic response for horses with IR issues, Cushings, and more. Increases the efficiency of feed, therefore preventing waste and saves money!

Product Details:

  • Most horses will require less feed due to increased feed efficiency
  • Lower by-products in waste
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Improved hoof quality and coat
  • Increases bone and connective tissue strength
  • Necessity for those with limited grazing capacity
  • Excellent for hard keepers or those with metabolic syndrome, Cushing's, insulin resistance, and more

11 lb. bag provides up to a 60-day supply for an average horse

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 4 reviews)

June 09, 2021
"I love this stuff!! My gypsy loves it too! Low starch and all the vitamins/minerals he needs. "
August 08, 2020
"The Life Data Barn Bag has helped my gelding tremendously. He foundered last November and thought we were going to loose him, he is 8 yrs. old. He has now lost about 180 pounds. He is smaller and his weight should be around 860. - 870, he tapes at 847. He looks great. Life Data has helped him tremendously to process the sugars in the feed and he eats alfalfa/hay mix. Portions are watched of course. I believe this product has been a life saver for him!"
June 03, 2020
"Love the barn bag for my easy keeper Gypsy. He’s done very well on it and looks great!"

April 12, 2016
"I have had my mares on barn bag for about 9 months. They are doing well on grass hay and their barn bag."