Liquid Titanium Ear Cover

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Fenwick Equestrian has created the first "drug-free" therapeutic head mask using our innovative Liquid Titanium fabric. Through our extensive testing, we have discovered that the use of this high performance fabric in a head or ear covering has produced a calming effect on many horses. Some of our customers have nick-named our Liquid Titanium mask, a "Happy Hat". In the racing world, thoroughbreds and trotters, the stewards have declared it a hood.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions can provide the following positive effects on the body:

  • FIR converts into radiant heat (infrared energy) which produces body warmth
  • Increases H2O hydration which improves blood circulation; increased oxygen in the blood provides more energy
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases the production of nitric oxide which is a key component of a healthy Immune system
  • Reduces the acidity or lactic acid buildup in our bodies
  • Detoxification: helps flush toxic substances from the body
  • Reduces aches, pains, joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms
  • Reduces pain associated with arthritis
  • Can reduce inflammatory skin conditions
  • Can reduce anxiety
  • Can reduce stress, which can reduce the chance of ulcers
  • Induces alpha brain waves and stabilizes seratonin levels which can create a calming effect
  • Increases awareness and helps your horse focus in a positive way
  • Sizing (width between ears): Large 3.5", XLarge 5", XXLarge 6.5"

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April 12, 2016
"I bought this for a young OTTB gelding who had fractured his zygomatic and also had many behavioral issues. I would definitely say it is his happy hat! Coupled with a lot of good rehab, both under saddle and with his injury, I believe this aided with his incredible turn around. His fracture healed quickly and very well and he is a joy under saddle. Im not saying youll have magical results, but its a great addition to a rehab toolbox. Im very happy with it!"