Loose Ring Snaffle With Closed Spoon

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Closed Spoon Loose ring snaffle by Big Dee's.

A Cyprium tm 90 bit is cast from a high tech alloy containing more copper, and guaranteed to be nickel free.

This gives it the highest tensile strength of all competing copper alloy bits. The high copper content in this bit helps to encourage salivation, and prevents dry mouth.

This loose ring snaffle has a 5" mouth with a closed spoon in the center to prevent a horse from getting his tongue over the bit, or cutting off their air passage way.

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By Casey Dyer
April 12, 2016
"Great bit, hors was flipping his palate and this bit prevented that and now I dont have to use a distracting tongue tie"
April 12, 2016
"This is a very high quality bit that I purchased for my young horse who had started the habit of trying to get her tongue over the bit. While it did prevent her from doing so, she was so aggravated about NOT being able to get her tongue over it and was chewing on it wildly to to the point that I could not ever get her focus back on me and our training session was wasted. I even had a figure 8 noseband on her to keep her from gaping her mouth open. I might try it on her again in the future when she is further along but for now I will keep it with my other bits as it might come in handy someday."