Mega Sel 2.5 Gallon

Item# 1234G
$68.95 - $71.95
Weight: FOB 27.0 Lbs
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Mega-Sel by Spectra is a unique Selenium and Vitamin E product vital to the health and performance of your horse.

Product Details:

  • Patented, liquid formula, provides Selenium and Vitamin E in a palatable form which is readily consumed and utilized by the horse.
  • Highly palatable liquid which is readily consumed when mixed with dry or sweet feed.
  • Top-dressed, Mega-Sel provides adequate levels of Selenium for proper nutrition and optimum performance.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 6 reviews)

By Jonda S
September 14, 2016
"Great product! "
By Mikaela D.
September 12, 2016
"Use this all the time. I use Mega Sel on all my horses. Great supplement. "
By Cheryl Long
April 12, 2016
"We purchased this to help a race horse that tends to tie up. It seems to be what he needed. Big Dees has the best customer service, as our order arrived the next day."
April 12, 2016
"I purchased a barrel horse a little over two yerrs ago, great horse but just could not get the speed I wanted on her. Needless to say I tried everything!! I was to the point of selling this mare. A friend suggested I try Mega-sel so I did and I could not believe this was the same horse ! She had FIRE!! She was not lazy anymore! And she still had her sweet temperament. She will stay on Mega-sel from now on."
By Jennifer Corn
April 12, 2016
"I live in Michigan where selenium needs to be available for your horse because our soil does not have adequate amounts for your horse to get it naturally. A year ago we moved our horses to a new boarding facility. The facility is wonderful but it has different soil from where we came from. In November we started having issues with a couple of our horses. One was coming up lame all the time and another was stocking up on a regular basis. Our vet could not figure out what was wrong with either horse. I started thinking of what was different and had my horses tested for selenium. One was at 99 and the other was at 102. Normal range is 120/180. I began giving them the Mega Sel and they were above their normal ranges and doing well within 4 weeks. I will continue to give them the Mega Sel on a daily basis. My horses love it and are doing well. No lameness and no stocking up."