Myler Western Dee Si Comfort Snaffle Copper Roller Mb03 - Test Ride Bit

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Myler Western Dee Sweet Iron Copper Roller Comfort Snaffle MB03 is a level 1 bit meaning it is designed for a young, green or challenging disposition horse or a discipline that restricts bits to a single jointed mouthpiece. MB03 offers a comfortable alternative to a three piece mouthpiece providing tongue relief with a flexible mouthpiece that offers some tongue pressure while the U-shape protects the lips and bars from being pinched. This bit is part of our Bit Test Ride Program!

Product Details:

  • Stainless Steel Western Dee with 2 Hooks with 5" Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller (MB 03, Level 1) Copper Inlay
  • ISM technology (independent side movement) allows each side of the bit to move independently so that lifting one side of the rein provides a clear and concise signal to the horse
  • Sweet iron naturally oxidizes (or rusts), is harmless to horses and promotes salivation
  • Level 1, MB 03

Please note - if you are certain of the bit that you would like to purchase, and you would like to ensure that you receive a bit that has never been out on the test ride program, please call us at 800-321-2142 and we will be happy to order the bit for you (special order bits are non-returnable).

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April 12, 2016
"Great product!! My young horse loves it. Much better for him than a typical snaffle--plus its western tack, so better for him all around. Its calmed him down with the sweet iron and roller but he still pays attention to the rider. Consequently, our rides are a lot more enjoyable!! And the fit is perfect. All around, a great bit."