Nose-It! Funnel Fill Slow Feeder and Treat Dispenser 10 inch

Item# 74001D
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Purple Red
Weight: FOB 3.0 Lbs
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Indoors or outdoors, Nose-It! will keep your animals happy and satisfied focusing their attention on what's inside the Nose-It! ball. Nose-It's unique and distinct patented twelve (12) sided "Slow-roll one edge at a time" design, prevents it from randomly rolling away. Ideal for feeding larger carrot chunks and Timothy hay cubes, further slowing down those horses that tend to rush their feed. There is a large lip on the inside of the hole to keep the treats or cubes from toppling out too easily.

Product Details:

  • Super strong and durable. Comes in 10" size.
  • Hole is 2" in diameter with concave lead in acting as a modified funnel
  • Dog's love them too!
  • Weight: approximately 3 lbs empty
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"Use big treats, might help. 1in treats will take forever to fall out. "
April 12, 2016
"My Morgan gelding started chewing my barn down when winter set in and he wasnt being ridden much. I tried a cribbing collar to no avail. Then decided to go to plan B and try some distraction. He is mildly interested in the licking device but absolutely LOVES this puzzle ball that rewards him with hay cubes. The moment he sees me with it he leaves anything else he is doing and goes to work on rolling it around and checking for treats that drop out. I highly recommend it. It took a very short time for him to figure it out. It just shows that, after 40 years with horses, I still have things to learn and this his been a positive lesson."