Novaguard Recovery Collar Canine

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The Novaguard has been designed as an alternative to the Elizabethan Collar or Buster Collar. This alternative allows the animal 85% greater freedom of movement. It fits comfortably on the animals head not unlike a baseball cap and moves with the animal rather than just hanging loosely around the animals neck.

Product Details:

  • designed to create a barrier to stop the animal accessing wounds or other conditions and after surgery or trauma
  • Mmade from semi transparent polypropylene plastic
  • Miniature & Toy sizes are also offered in a soft transparent PVC plastic
  • Incorporates a head rest which cushions and allows space between the inner surface of the Vizor and the animals face allowing for greater air flow and comfort
  • Provision has been made for animals with larger heads by adjusting the side strap, which increases the opening size for animals with a greater collar size
  • Peel off lines on the snout of the Novaguard have been incorporated as an adjustment means for animals with a shorter snout. (Simply snip and peel off).
  • Easily cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a towel
  • Accommodates dogs with a prominent occipital bone
  • Ears are outside the vizor, which eliminates the possibility of ear and yeast infection due to moisture
  • Also eliminates the possibility of disorientation to the patient after eye surgery due to the echo effect caused by the existing E collar

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Customer Reviews

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By Don
April 12, 2016
"All other types of E-collars should be banned. My dog Sam had to have a toe amputated and of course had to wear the cone of shame. He had a hard time navigating around furniture and around door ways and would constantly catch the cone on them. Consequently, it got to the point that he didnt want to move very much when wearing it. Feeling sad for poor Sam, I searched for an alternative and came upon the Novaguard collar. The price was very reasonable compared to other alternatives that are out there. Assembling the Novaguard was not hard at all, just make sure it is cut to the proper length. What a difference it made for Sam. He no longer kept his head down looking at the floor and he doesnt bump into objects any more. The big advantage lies in the fact that the dogs ears are not covered by the cone so he hears normally. Also the cone is made of a clearer material than others and is of a smaller diameter at the snout. Sam hardly new he was wearing it. I highly recommend this product."
By B. Lewis

April 12, 2016
"My GSD developed a habit of licking his paw after receiving a wound several years ago. After trying dozens of solutions, I settled on an ecollar, but my sweet boy had recurring ear infections due to the ecollar holding moisture inside. Finally, with the Novaguard collar, he can hold his ears up, has no more ear infections, and doesnt look so dorky! The only problem with this collar is that every time he goes through the dog door, the plastic flattens a little and slips open. But one piece of duct tape solved that problem."
By Regina
April 12, 2016
"I just received a set of two of the Novaguard Recovery Collars. This is an extremely innovative product. I could have used this weeks ago when one of my dogs suffered a cut on his head that needed stitches. He went through 4 e-collars because he hated each one. His brother and father tore 3 off - in half and he demolished the last one. Luckily the stitches did not come loose. I will be saving these collars for future use. Hopefully, my dogs dont get hurt, but its good to be on the safe side."
By Andrea

April 12, 2016
"I purchased this collar for my mini-dachshund to protect her spay incision. I purchased it well before the actual surgery took place so we had time to acclimate her to it and I highly recommend this process! The Novagard is much easier for dogs to move around in, sleep in, eat in and she still fit comfortably in her crate. Overall, she still wasnt a big fan of having to wear it but she didnt seem too bothered by it. Plus, our other dog was terrified of her wearing it and I think she loved chasing her around with it! I would highly recommend this collar over the traditional style or the balloon around the neck style. Its especially ideal for any dog who experiences ear problems. Their ears are free and not all cramped up inside the collar with the potential for brewing an ear infection. If your dog HAS to wear an e-collar this is the way to go!"
By frances vallilee
April 12, 2016
"The concept for the Novaguard Recovery Collar is brilliant but be careful in size ordering. I ordered a small for our 20lb chihuahua/min-pin but it was too big. Weve decided that since the price was reasonable and we didnt want the hassle of returning that we will modify it ourselves for next time. Also, we ordered this because our dog had eye surgery. Putting ointment in his every would be difficult while hes wearing this. It will be ideal for this summer when he gets his allergies and chews himself. Overall, we are satisfied. I would buy this again."