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Nutrient Buffer Gallon

Item# 7161C
Weight: FOB 10.0 Lbs
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Nutrient Buffer by Vita Royal is a liquid oral antacid & alternative colic remedy that neutralizes stomach acid naturally. This U.S. Patented ratio of USP Grade minerals in a stabilized natural emulsion helps neutralize excess acidity that can lead to ulcers. It does not inhibit acid production. Nutrient Buffer is versatile enough that it can be used daily for horses in every walk of life. It works different than drugs like H2 Blockers and Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) which the body can build up a tolerance to (require higher dosages over time).

Nutrient Buffer works naturally - every time - with the added benefit of helping to resolve colic situations when you least expect them. High mineral solubility and oil suspension protect against over-buffering and create a significant time release effect. 

Product Details:

  • Works naturally
  • Helps resolve colic
  • Does not contain aluminum, bismuth or other heavy metals
  • Contains pure and natural sources of magnesium, zinc and calcium

Dosage: 1/4 cup dosed or in feed (up to 3x per day)

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Customer Reviews

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January 14, 2019
"We have used Nutrient Buffer for years on a daily basis. We feed 60 ml on feed twice per day. We have found it greatly aids digestion and although my horses are ulcer free (last time we looked) they have no colon or stomach issues. It was first recommended by our vet for a horse that had slow hindgut syndrome and it worked there as well. Great product!"
Tabernacle, NJ
January 10, 2019
"Was recommended by vet for suspected ulcers in my thoroughbred. Use in feed twice daily and he has become less girthy, coat glows and overall behavior improved. Highly recommend and is significantly less expensive than Gastro-guard or equivalent. "
July 22, 2018
"I use this as the base for my oral electrolytes in our Endurance Rides. Seems to work well to buffer the electrolyte powder and keep him from getting an upset stomach. My only complaint is the limited shelf life, typical “use by” date is 3-4 mos and I don’t go thru too much of this product in that amount of time!"
May 23, 2018
"Good product I strongly recommend it. "
February 06, 2018
"Using this as recommended by my vet. My mare would not eat this at first (no matter how I tried to disguise it), but now that I have switched to another food it is not an issue. I think it has helped her ulcers but they are not entirely cleared up yet - she has some other issues that compound things. "