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Respi-free by Omega Alpha can be used as a first line treatment of breathing problems. 3-1 combination product containing Airwaves, Lung Flush and Herba Coff used for horses with severe breathing problems such as COPD/heaves. Also beneficial for horses that race on polytrack surfaces which may contribute to respiratory problems

Product Details:

  • Includes Eriobotryae japonica, Bulbus fritillaria thunbergii, Polygala tenuifolia, Rosemary, Scutellaria biancalensis, Momordica grosvenori, Honey suckle, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Morus alba, Peppermint, Eucalyptus leaves, Mullein, Pleurissy root, Elecampane, Nettles, Menthol
  • All natural ingredients act as expectorant, cough supressant, and bronchodilator while increasing blood flow to lung capillaries, helping to remove toxins and opening airways.

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Customer Reviews

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April 16, 2021
"I will probably keep my seasonal exercise induced coughing guy on it indefinitely. Helps and he loves it. Unfortunately he still needs Dex to overcome the pollen we are having and I hope when finished with this round the Respi-Free will be enough. He hated the idea of the syringe (WORMER!!), but once his bro offered to try some he changed channels and latched on like it was his momma! Now he's a pro and will canter across the pasture when I yell "MUM NUMS!""
July 13, 2020
"Veterinarian approved for my heaves horse. I fed it for months before the heaves diagnosis. Prescription Des hasn’t helped. I will continue using RespiFree for what relief it will help. "
June 12, 2020
"I have been using Respi-Free for over 2 years now with my Standardbred COPD gelding. Before using this product, my gelding would have severe respiratory issues requiring extensive veterinary care at least twice a year. Within the first 6 months of using this product, in conjunction with antihistamine that I was using before, my veterinarian noted a significant improvement in my gelding's breathing. Since then, my gelding has had no serious respiratory issues. This product really works!"
Sanford, FL
April 10, 2020
"Last Spring my 21 year-old Arabian got seasonal allergies so bad he was coughing uncontrollably. It was really scary for me and we promptly had our vet out to emergently evaluate him. She prescribed Dex to get him under control and recommended I start him on this product. Not only did this product help get him off of steroids as quickly as possible (3 days to be exact), but has maintained him all year without incident, even through this year's awful allergy season with no steroids. Def recommend"
Vass, NC
March 20, 2020
"I am so impressed with this product. We try so many things for our horses and many times just throw our money away. This product works. I have one retired horse with Heaves that no longer lets out a huge cough if she tries to trot or canter across the pasture. Her breathing is so relaxed now. I have a very competitive barrel racer with a mystery allergy/cough. I have consulted several Vets and tried many items including a nebulizer. Respi-free has him cough free for the first time in years!"