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Omega Nibblers 3.5

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Weight: FOB 4.0 Lbs
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Omega Nibblers are tasty, nutritious, and functional - the perfect Omega-3 treat/supplement for horses in all life stages.

Made from stabilized fortified ground flaxseed and natural ingredients that taste great - a worthy treat for your horse! GREAT AS AN OMEGA-3 SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR "PICKY EATERS"!

Feed Omega Nibblers as desired for training, trail riding or as a nutritious anytime treat. Feed 15 Omega Nibblers treats per day as a tasty alternative to 1/2 cup Omega Horseshine for a 1,200 pound horse.

All flaxseed used in Omega Fields' products is milled to Global Food Safety Initiative standards for human consumption, employing a third party-validated, 5-log Kill Step and proprietary stabilization processes for long shelf life.

The flaxseed is certified to SQF 2000 standards, guaranteed pathogen-free with very low total microbial values, and guaranteed shelf stable for a MINIMUM of one year under ambient storage conditions - no refrigeration or special packaging required!

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April 12, 2016
"My girl just loves then. Her coat is smooth and shinny and her mane has grown nice and thick. They are a treat I fell good giving. My dogs even like them"
April 12, 2016
"I have a 22 year old mare with facial paralysis. Because of the paralysis we have to put ointment in her eye multiple times a day. I use these treats as a reward after I treat her eye. She loves Mrs. Pastures treats but these are a bit more puffed so they are a bit easier for her to chew since one side of her face is not functioning. I dont even have to halter her anymore to treat her eye because she knows she is going to get a yummy treat when we are done. I dont feed 15 a day ...maybe 6. I do feed additional flax meal with her grain and her coat looks very good this year. A very palatable crunchy treat that is a little softer than some ... so good for seniors."