Optivisor Protects Dogs Eyes and Face Long Snouted Breeds

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Optivizor is the leading solution to eye and facial protection after surgery, or any other time protection is needed.


  • After eye and facial surgery: The Optivizor protective vizor can help your pet during their rehabilitation by protecting the eye and face and keeping it free of debris.
  •  Blind Dogs and special vision dogs: Blind dogs can see with their hearts and the Optivizor makes sure they can touch, bump and feel their away around without fear of injury, making a great difference to blind dogs around the world!

Special Features for the Long Snouted Version:

  • Recovering in comfort: The NEW Optivizor is now 50% lighter than the original design.
  • The head rest has been ergonomically designed to form around the curvature of the dog's head ensuring greater comfort and stability.
  • The entire unit moves with the dog's head and doesn't flop about
  • It clears face and eyes allowing nice air flow. reventing echo, the ears sit outside the vizor
  • Ease for the owner: Each size is now color coded for an easy selection.
  • features a Velcro collar and chin strap.
  • It's a quick fit.
  • Adjustable at the neck, the sides and peel off points for length

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Customer Reviews

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By Valued customer
September 09, 2016
"Best product on the market for its intended purpose. "
By Larry
April 12, 2016
"Our dog Buddy has an ulcer in his left eye and the healing process is going very slowly. After watching him try to maneuver around with a Cone on for a couple of months I decided that there had to be a better product to give him the protection that he needs. OPTIVISOR is that product. Not only does it provide better protection, it is also much more comfortable for him to deal with. We took him to the Animal Eye Clinic today and I was shocked to find out that they had never seen one of these. The Dr. was very impressed and must have taken 20 pictures of Buddy with his Optivisor on. Another guy came with his dog wearing a Cone and immediately started taking pictures. Little did Buddy know but he was the star of the show today. The clear shield requires frequent cleaning but that is certainly well worth doing for the freedom the Optivisor will give your pet. You need to get information about this out to all of the Animal Eye Doctors. AWESOME PRODUCT!!!"