Optivizor Protects Dogs Eyes & Face

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Optivizor by Provisor is the leading solution to eye and facial protection after surgery, ideal for blind or visually challenged pets or any other time protection is needed and is the best option to the elizabethan collar.

Product Details:

  • Ergonomically designed head rest ensuring greater comfort and stability.
  • Entire unit moves with the dog's head.
  • It clears face and eyes allowing nice air flow.
  • Ears outside the visor prevent echo.
  • Easily used with the doggie door.
  • Protects the eye and face and keeping it free of debris.
  • Velcro collar and chin strap for quick and easy fit.
  • Adjustable at the neck, the sides and peel off points for length!


  • X-Small = Mini
  • X-Small-Small = Toy
  • Small = Small
  • Small-Medium = Small-Medium
  • Medium = Medium
  • Large = Large
  • X-Large = X Large

Make sure to reference the Label/Size Info Tab to ensure a proper fit for your dog.

State of California Propositions 65 requires that we include the following warning: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. (Form JP65.1).

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

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January 21, 2021
"I was steered toward the Optivizor when my Springer Spaniel was recovering from eye surgery and had destroyed 8 cones-of-shame (& the back of my knees, thresholds, chairs, the dog door and his shoulder ). The internet helped me find Big Dees where I could purchase these devices. Ears free (so he could hear), smaller size (so he could go through the dog door and cuddle normally) and eye protection facilitated healing. I recommend buys 2 so that one can be washed each night. "
Placerville, CA
October 20, 2020
"My 7-year-old male 95# Golden Retriever had eyelid surgery. The vet fitted him with a standard Elizabethan cone. He panicked. He could not walk with it on, he kept scrping it on the ground and bumping into everything. He HATED it. I put on the Optivizor immediately when we got home. HUGE improvement. He's not in love with it, but he easily tolerates it. Great product."
Issaquah, WA
February 26, 2020
"This mask is so much better than the cone. My pup had figured out out to rub his eye on blankets with the cone on, so his eye was no longer protected. Now he can scratch more of his head, and his eye is completely protected! My only problem is my buddy has a skin tag on his head, and the plastic has been rubbing it raw. I need to figure out what I can do to keep the bump safe."
Vermilion, OH
January 04, 2017
"This mask is great for my dog. At first, I ordered a size too big (Small) and then had to send it back to get a smaller size (extra small). After that, the fit was perfect! My dog normally hates wearing anything (even leashes), but this product doesn't bother him enough for him to try to take it off. He only wears it on walks, and it is worth any money spent!"
September 19, 2016
"After eyelid surgery, our labradoodle needed to wear an Elizabethan collar so he wouldn't damage his eye. Just taking him from the office to the car was so difficult. He couldn't judge the steps and he kept running the cone into things. Once I got him home and fitted the Optivizor on was an easy recovery. He even slept with it on. I did have to thread his collar through it, since he could shake it off. "