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Perfect Prep Training Day Powder 2 lb

Item# PPTD2
Weight: FOB 2.0 Lbs
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Perfect Prep Eq Training Day  by Perfect Products is a palatable powder that acts to stabilize the horse's blood sugar, and work on the nervous and circulatory systems to produce a less nervous, more manageable animal. It contains magnesium, taurine, thiamine, inositol.

The calming effects can result in less longeing and less resistance to spur and other aids. It can also help diminish some annoying stall habits.

Perfect Prep Eq Training Day is designed for extended use and works well on stall bound horses. Because the ingredients in Perfect Prep Eq Training Day  act primarily on the blood sugar and only moderately on the nervous system, you are more likely to get the desired effect without sacrificing your horse's movement.

Effects last 12 hours or more, and wear off gradually thereafter.

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Customer Reviews

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By Danielle
Madison, OH
November 11, 2016
"A friend recommended this to help give my horse the extra confidence needed to get comfortable away from home. Since I feed a pellet, I was really worried my picky eater would leave it in the feed dish, but it was all cleaned up! Seems to really work."
By Gayle R
September 21, 2016
"i recently purchased a new horse that had been at the same farm for 6 years. Perfect Prep allowed me to help him make the transition without making him sleepy or dulling his senses. Great product! "
By Valued Customer
September 09, 2016
"Bought this for my anxious and severely buddy sour OTTB. After the first few days, he seemed more at ease and I was able to work him quietly and calmly. I was at my whits end with him, but this product has given us a second chance at a show career together. "
By Valued customer
September 09, 2016
"Works fantastic, really helps my show horse focus. "
April 12, 2016
"I have a 4 year old hunter under saddle horse who was diagnosed with a mild suspensory lesion. As we all know, suspensory = stall rest/hand walking. Needless to say, my horses energy was getting out of control. I stumbled upon perfect prep and gave it a try. My horse loves the taste and his energy quickly leveled out. I will continue to recommend this product because it really works! Well worth the money!"