Pro Formula Pro Lyte Pellets 16 lb

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Weight: FOB 16.0 Lbs
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Pro Lyte pellets is an easy to feed concentrated, low sugar electrolyte formula. Ideal for horses that are in heavy training, during the summer, times of stress or to help support mineral levels. Pro Formula's formula helps maintain everyday fluid balance and to help the mineral balance lost in sweat. Pro Lyte Pellets will also encourage your horse to drink and will aid in the digestion of feed. Horses lose Sodium at twice the rate of Potassium and Chloride at twice the rate of Sodium. Forage provides Potassium the Pro Lyte Pellets formula concentrates on the Sodium and Chloride needs the horse's diet does not provide along with Magnesium. This formula allows the horse to properly maintain healthy muscle function and energy production.

Product Details:

  • Easy to feed
  • Concentrated low sugar formula
  • Ideal for heavy training, summer heat, times of stress
  • Supports mineral levels
  • Maintains everyday fluid balance
  • Encourages horses to drink
  • Aids in digestion of feed
  • Provides Sodium and Chloride that daily feed is lacking
  • Helps maintain healthy muscle function
  • Supports energy production
  • Pelleted form
  • 16lb
  • Approx 90 day supply for 1 horse

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