Professionals Choice Purple Dot Dog Bone Roller Snaffle

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Professional's Choice Purple Dot Dog Bone Roller Snaffle features a decorative weighted cheek offering more control and slightly more poll pressure to maintain lateral movement. The dog bone roller is a three piece bit that provides a more gentle and evenly distributed pressure across the tongue in conjunction with the rein movement. A dog bone bit can be used in a variety of western disciplines and allows the horse to respond to subtle rein pressure, ideally suited for a variety of riders.

Product Details:
  • Mouth: 5 1/4" sweet iron
  • Dog bone mouthpiece with copper rollers
  • Cheek: 6" polished steel with decorative silver and turquoise designs
  • Sweet iron naturally oxidizes (or rusts) over time creating a sweet taste in the horses mouth and promotes salivation making your horse more accepting of the bit.

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