Professionals Choice Turquoise Feather Shank Straight Roller Snaffle Bit

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Professional's Choice Turquoise Feather Shank Straight Roller Snaffle features a decorative weighted cheek offering more control and slightly more poll pressure to maintain lateral movement. The lack of joint in this bit makes it a good starter bit as it does not create pressure in the poll of the mouth by breaking in the center, but applies direct pressure across the bars of the tongue. Ideally suited for a variety of western disciplines and riding levels.

Product Details:
  • Mouth: 5 1/4" sweet iron
  • Straight Copper Roller mouthpiece
  • Cheek: 6" polished steel with decorative silver and turquoise designs
  • Sweet iron naturally oxidizes (or rusts) over time creating a sweet taste in the horses mouth and promotes salivation making your horse more accepting of the bit.

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