Quietex II Pellets 1.625 lb

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QuietexII Pellets by Farnam is a fast acting all-natural formula that works in 2 hours without causing drowsiness. Keeps horses alert without anxiety. An excellent alternative to tranquilizers, it can be used any time the horse is to face a stressful situation. Ideal for race horses.

Also, great to use before riding, training, trailering, shoeing and vet visits. Quietex II is a homeopathic supplement containing all-natural ingredients to be used as an aid in calming horses. Contains Valerian.

Note for Competitors: Some competitive organizations prohibit specific supplement ingredients.  If you are showing, please check with your association(s) for rules and regulations.

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Customer Reviews

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By Valued Customer
September 16, 2016
"The instructions say 2 hrs prior to event, we found at 4 hrs after administration the horse seemed relaxed but not down and out. This horse is good around the barn but get very nervous at events. "
By Rose Rourke
April 12, 2016
"I have what was a very competitive racing mare. She is 26 and has always been full of stress. She weaves in her stall and gets excited very easily. She has always run out of the stall like it was a starting gate to get outside, once out, she takes a few laps in the pasture always turning left and then becomes a normal pasture pet.. She was retired at 6 due to a knee problem and has been retired for 20 years. As shes aged I get more and more worried for her and her.... leaving the gate ......So I decided to try to get something natural for her to maybe take the edge off so she could relax a little. That is when I discovered Quitex. I put a little in her grain at night and a little in the AM before she goes out and it has been doing the trick. Even though she enjoyed....... leaving the gate..... it was getting dangerous for her to run out of the barn so now she jogs out and still takes her laps and then relaxes and enjoys her time as just a horse.........Her weaving has become less and less aggressive also. I believe this product will allow her to live longer as an aged horse because I no longer have to worry about her falling when she ......leaves the gate....... Thank you Quietex for giving us more time together to remember the good old racing days.."
By Deborah Kindle
April 12, 2016
"I have had to board my 3 horses for a year at the local fairgrounds. They are used to being on the farm and the noise, constant commotion, traffic, and lack of pasture has caused them stress. Farrier time was a nightmare until I used Quietex Powder. It worked exactly as the instructions said it would. They walked to the farrier shed calmly and stood much better because of this product. I would reccomend this for anyone who needs an occasional aid in calming an apprehensive or edgy horse."

April 12, 2016
"i recently bought a former open show horse and lets just say he was a little more than i could handle. i put a scoop in his grain every day and now i can ride him with ease, he still has some fire to him but i feel safer than when i first rode him."
By Erica Hancock
April 12, 2016
"Ive used the paste version of this product before and loved it. This product however I feel does not work quite as well, but my horse ate it like she didnt even notice it was in her pan."