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Ration Plus - 16 Oz

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Ration Plus

Product Details:

To restore the digestive system, a healthy environment for the growth of beneficial microflora must be maintained. Designed to be fed daily, Ration Plus by Ration Plus (a liquid lactobacillus fermentation product) helps maintain an environment for beneficial digestive microorganisms to provide your horse with a better access to a full array of nutrients. It relieves and prevents the depletion of beneficial intestinal bacteria brought on from travel, competition and breeding.

Ration Plus can help horses suffering from:

  • Low weight
  • Ulcers and colic 
  • Decreased stamina 
  • Increased stress 
  • Poor hair coat and hooves 
  • Poor appetite

Ration Plus can be used for all horses in every stage of life, including foals and pregnant or lactating mares. Add about 6 ml of Ration Plus to a full grown horse’s daily rations.

Apply directly on hay or grain or syringe directly in mouth.
One 16 ounce bottle will supplement one 1000 - 1200 lb horse for about 90 days.

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Customer Reviews

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Nashville, TN
January 18, 2018
"This stuff is the best! I’ve tried so many probiotics and prebiotics on my horses in the past and this one just outshines the rest. It’s easy to administer, doesn’t take a whole lot, and it keeps belly aches away. I rescued a gelding several years ago, he was knocking on death’s door, the vet wanted to put him down but I wanted to stick it out. IV fluids, perseverance, and Rationplus saved that horse as far as I’m concerned. His belly started feeling better and he started eating everything!"
April 12, 2016
"It used to be the most cost effective product of its type on the market. It still is the best of this type of product available; but it costs a bit more than it used to."