Razer ProPad SS - Support Soft Pair

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ProPad by Razerhorse. Propad is the only pad on the market with an independent frog support to help promote healthy blood flow and frog contact to the ground. When you put shoes on a horse, you elevate the hoof which deactivates the frog. The patented accordion-like frog support featured in Propads allows the frog to regain proper function and ground contact. The horse’s weight is then appropriately distributed across the entire foot and the frog acts as a pump, promoting healthy blood flow and hoof growth.


  • Increased comfort due to shock absorption
  • Proper weight distribution removing weight from the hoof wall
  • Increased blood flow due to appropriate frog-to-ground contact
  • Can be used with any open heeled shoe

Product Details:

  • Made of dual density polyurethane and has a soft concussion absorbing material impregnated in the pad to offer support
  • Medium thickness and softness
  • Set of 2 pads

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Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"This is a really nice choice for a hoofpad.Usually the more cushion a pad provides the less durability you can expect. By sandwiching a soft inner core between a more resiliant outer shell these pads provides excellent shock absorbing capabilities that can actually be reset [in some cases more than once]."

April 12, 2016
"I had great results using this pad on front feet that have contracted heels and bruised heels."