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Under normal circumstances the horse is an extremely efficient machine. However, like so many efficient machines, even the slightest deviation from normal can cause problems. The most likely cause of such deviation in today's horse is stress. One of the first consequences of stress is that the natural balance of flora in the animal becomes disturbed. The flora are important in the breakdown and subsequent absorption of nutrients in order to help ensure that the body's protective system or immunity system remains intact. In addition to stress, chemical additives, worming remedies, and antibiotics are factors which can seriously affect the composition of normal intestinal flora.

Rebound 3 is an oral-dose pastevdesigned to help restore and maintain the desirable micro-organisms in the gut of the horse.

The 30 gram syringe contains 3 full doses.

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By Verified customer
September 16, 2016
"Rebound 3 is a great probiotic. I've been using it for years. I've had horses get colicky, I will give them a dose and they bounce back. Sometimes I've had to give 2 doses but they've always bounced back. I use it with worming, hauling to quiet the stomach and to rebound after a run. Great stuff! "
By Kathy

April 12, 2016
"I have used this product for years for race horses who are picky eaters the day after they raced. it seems to balance their system after the stress of racing. i have had great success with it."