Redmond Rock Crushed Loose Mineral Salt 5 lb

Item# 33060
Weight: FOB 5.0 Lbs
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Redmond Rock Crushed Loose Mineral Salt is a granular form of Redmond Rock designed for owners who prefer to feed their horse supplements in their daily feed ration. Daily Red encourages drinking and provides all the natural trace minerals and electrolytes found in Redmond Rock. It is perfect for your horse’s diet during periods of hard work or activity when good hydration is critical.

Product Details:

  • Daily Red brand natural equine minerals provide a perfect blend of essential trace minerals and electrolytes your horse needs to live a more healthy, balanced life
  • Daily Red plays an important role in providing the essential trace minerals missing from many natural forages
  • Created by nature, Daily Red is natural mineral sea salt harvested from deep within the earth in Southern Utah
  • Daily Red contains more than 60 trace minerals

5 lb pouch of Daily Red lasts 80 days (depending on horse's activity level)

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Customer Reviews

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April 30, 2021
"Great product. Feed it year round to my horses, one scoop per day per horse instead of 2 scoops. In the warm weather I also put out a large solid Redmond salt which the horses do lick on. The Daily Red with added minerals caused diarrhea in one of my horses, but the pure salt is OK."
December 29, 2020
"Great product! "
November 03, 2019
"Love this mineral salt! Started my mare on it last year for hydration purposes. Since then I have noticed that she no longer chews the wood fencing! BONUS! I had read on a Horse Forum to give minerals for wood chewers and frankly was skeptical, but it has worked for us!"