Ribbed Gum Bell Boots

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Ribbed Gum Bell Boots designed for hoof protection. Ribbing adds extra stability and keeps the bell boot's shape. Properly sized bell boots should cover the entire hoof area without hitting the ground while the horse is at rest. Great for horses that overreach or constantly pull shoes. A great product with great value!

Application tip: dunk the bell boot in water, turn the bell boot inside out and pull over the horses hoof, once you get the boot over the hoof turn the bell boot back down to it's correct position.

Product Details

  • Ribbed Gum Bell Boot
  • For horses that overreach, preventing pulled shoes and protects heel

Customer Reviews

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June 23, 2020
"Great bells for the money. Fast shipping, fair price."
Templeton , PA
April 05, 2020
"I know you, you’re looking for bell boots that you can pull on yourself, that help keep your dumb horse from ripping those expensive shoes right off, and that won’t irritate his sensitive legs because you and I both know once you wrangle these things on they are staying on until they are too shredded to be of use. Well, these check all those boxes. In my experience they last about 2-3 shoeing cycles, they work great, and they don’t irritate my horses legs. Great product"
New Haven, VT
March 26, 2020
"I recently purchased the gum pull on bell boots in hopes they will stand up better to the wear and tear of mud season. The only problem is being an older person, I have trouble pulling them on. The type of bell boots with the Velcro closures are much easier for me to use but I find that the Velcro becomes detached due to the tread used to keep them attached to the rubber deteriorates very quickly in mud and snow."
July 20, 2019
"Great bells at at great price "
Florida, FL
April 09, 2019
"I just got these in the mail and FINALLY after many many bell boot purchases and trying to find a new pull on that fit my horse, these fit. They are a little tall but I can cut them. Because my horse has had them on about half a day at time of writing, I can't say how durable they are but honestly that is not one of my criteria, my girl is not very hard on bell boots and only wears them because she has shoes. I bought the medium size, my girl wears a 0 shoe."