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SBS Sav-A-Hoof Liquid 7.5 oz

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Sav-A-Hoof Liquid fights a variety of mold, fungus, bacteria and white line disease.

Product Details:

  • Fights White Line Disease, Seedy Toe, Thrush, Candida Yeast, Anerobic and Aerobic Bacteria, Mold and Fungus.
  • can also be applied to the coronary band which will allow it to enter the horn tubules.
  • Includes built-in applicator.
  • Apply daily to the affected area for maximum results
  • 7.5 oz (222 mL)

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Customer Reviews

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January 12, 2021
"Easy to cover the frog cracks as well as outside of hoof. "
December 23, 2019
"Well I have to say this works. One of the horses at the barn had a abscess & it blew out the back of foot. The owner doesn't really take good care of her, he was going to put her down & I could not let that happen so I got her some good stuff for vitamins, hoof, gut & pre & pro biotics. Now I did a lot of investigation & ran across this so I bought spray & can, painted her foot top & bottom then sprayed her hoof letting it dry then top coated with Kevlar top coat by day 2 you can c progress."
Zephyrhills, FL
August 21, 2019
"I've got a draft mule I rescued over 5 years ago and she came to me with white line. Tried everything anyone recommended for three years and would have the symptoms clear up during the dry season and then come right back within weeks of the first rains. Needless to say the rainy season is long here in the South. Tried Sav-A-Hoof before but never gave it enough time to work, now I finally have and her hoofs are healthy and crack less these last two months. Very happy with this product."
Katy, TX
December 15, 2018
"Use this to dry out any thrush, bacteria, potential white line or fungus that may pop up during rainy times or if you constantly deal with mud. Use it on the bottom of the hoof. I also use Sav-A-Hoof TOPCOAT for the outside of the hoof(hoof wall). These two products are a staple in my vet box incase of a chipped or cracked hoof or sign of thrush or white line."
April 12, 2016
"All the Save-A-Hoof products work. Have a horse that had chronic thrush. This is the only product that worked to get rid of the thrush and it has kept it away. Great stuff."