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SBS Thrush Stop Blue 4 oz

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Thrush Stop Blue by SBS

Product Details:

  • Long tip to get into the hoof
  • Slow Spreading - minimizes loss of product
  • Blue stain marks the hoof and lasts a few days until reapply is needed.

Customer Reviews

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Singapore, NA
March 05, 2018
"I'm on my 2nd bottle. Whenever I see a little thrush starting (crumbly black bits or smell the thrush) or her central sulcus getting soft/crumbly and deeper, I'll scrape it out with the hoof pick and cover the area and the colleral grooves with this blue gel. It will be looking much better after just 2 application /2 days. I've used normal thrush stop but I find the viscosity of this allows easier and more accurate application. Less waste!"