Shires Blue Sweet Iron Low Port Mullen Loose Ring Snaffle

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Shires Blue Sweet Low Ported Mullen Loose Ring Bit

The mullen mouth bit allows for tongue relief without putting pressure in the poll of the mouth while maintaining even pressure across the tongue. A mullen is often used to encourage collection. Blue sweet iron creates a warm, sweet taste in the horse's mouth to help with acceptance of the bit and to promote salivation. The blue color with fade over time, this is a natural process of blue sweet iron oxidization.

Product Details:

  • Tongue relief
  • Loose ring
  • Helps to encourage collection
  • Blue sweet iron provides a warm sweet taste
  • Encourages acceptance of the bit
  • Sweet iron naturally oxidizes (or rusts), is harmless to horses and promotes salivation
  • Natural fading of blue color will occur over time

Customer Reviews

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January 17, 2021
"I love this but! We were having a hard time finding the right thing for my mare since she rejected all of my go-to bits. We decided to try this one, and voila! She goes like a dream! Good salivation and no head tossing. The tongue relief is also a good size for her mouth and does not mess with her low palate."