Silver Lining Herbs 37 Kidney Support 1 lb

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#37 Kidney Support by Silver Lining Herbs support general bladder and kidney health, alleviating ailments biologically and performance-wise, as well as general behavior issues due to discomfort and toxic organs.

Kidneys are another area where today’s horses are put under extreme stress with a chemical environment. The kidneys primary function is to cleanse the blood and produce urine, which excretes waste; due to the critical and body-encompassing nature of this job, improvement in kidney function will help restore and relieve a wide range of systems and symptoms.

Product Details:

  • Works to alleviate, heal, and support the following issues:
    • Behavior issues such as general crankiness, poor haulers, general discomfort
    • Performance issues such as avoiding hard stops and turns
    • Looking at sides, frequently lying down, acting colicky but won’t roll
    • Soreness in back, joints or feet, or tight muscles
    • Won’t relax, especially while being ridden
  • Supports the following:
    • Helping maintain normal fluid levels throughout the body
    • Helps maintain normal pH which may reduce the likelihood of crystal formulation
    • Training and performance support for exercising muscle
    • Reducing free radical formation

    Recommended use: 1 level scoop per day for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per 1 lb bag

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September 15, 2016
"I am trying to tweak the diets/supplements of the OTTB's that I rehabilitate and am gearing their nutritional routines towards Eastern Medicinal/Herbals. This formula was extremely helpful in correcting behavior issues and the horses eyes got clearer, skin is better and overall demeanors improved. Must only use this product for 7-10 days more until next month or as conditions improve, every other month. Very important! "