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SU-PER Potassium Chloride Electrolyte - 20 lb

Item# PC20
Weight: FOB 20.0 Lbs
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Potassium Chloride by Gateway Products is an electrolyte that your horse needs supplemented during heavy training.

Electrolytes are minerals that occur in your horse's body in a charged form and are essential to the functioning of many physiological systems. In training and heavy competition it is important to maintain or replenish five particular minerals essential to neuro-muscular function that are lost in sweat: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium and Magnesium.

Your horse needs around 45g/day of Potassium at rest, this will is easily met in a balanced diet with adequate grass and/or hay. However, during competition or heavy training when he does not have time to consume adequate roughage, your horse may experience a Potassium deficit. At these times Potassium is usually delivered in the form of Potassium Chloride.

The 20 lb pack will provide up to a 640 day supply for one horse.

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April 12, 2016
"Have horse with heart problem and this keeps him on beat."
April 12, 2016
"as always- I love their products- great prices!"