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SuperMash with Fibre Beet Apple Flavor 13 oz

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Treat your horse with Supermash with Fibre Beet by British Horse Feeds. This single-serving mash is excellent for providing a healthy alternative to bran mashes, with a NSC of 11.5% and high fiber content. Made with nutrition-packed Speedi Beet and Fibre Beet, this mash is an excellent post-dinner snack or for helping soothe and promote a healthy hindgut with a warm mash. is a single serving mash that has a NSC of 11.5NSC and is high in fiber. Made from Speedi Beet and Fibre Beet makes this a healthy alternative to bran mashes.

Product Details:

  • 11.5% NSC
  • Apple Flavor
  • Packed with nutrient-rich Flaxseed and Beet Pulp!
  • Contains rolled oats for high fiber
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids
  • 13oz bag for single serving

Customer Reviews

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December 30, 2020
"This is the best mash anywhere! It was developed with a horse’s nutritional needs in mind (hence the beet pulp base) PLUS my horse is absolutely crazy about it! Once he starts eating it, his head doesn’t come out of the bucket until every bit of the mash is gone. I know I’m giving him the best mash available, much better for him than bran mashes, but he just thinks I’m giving him the most delicious treat ever! "