Swivel Couplers Pair

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Swivel Couplers by Protecto

Product Details:

  • A freer horse = A faster and sounder horse.
  • Freer movement of the horse = Less restrictions = Less lameness
  • Separates your horse from the shaft, which will allow the horse complete free movement and will permit you to develop your colt's natural gait.
  • Allows your harness's saddle to stay put, which should eliminate the rubbing or scurving of your horse from the saddle.
  • Keeps your horse's disposition happier, with less pain and no pinching.
  • Do you have a trotter or pacer that has a lot of body movement, causing your sulky to shake and move all over the track? Use the Swivel Quick Hitch , which will make your sulky track almost perfectly.
  • This will allow your horse more freedom, permitting your horse to have a faster mile, be more sound and have less lameness.
  • Most imporatant are the comments from the horsemen saying that Protecto's new Swivel Quick Hitch helps a sore horse that is on one line to reduce his lameness, thus adding speed to your horse.

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