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The Gaited Horse Bible Paperback Book

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The Gaited Horse Bible by Brenda Imus Buying, Training, and Riding Naturally Gaited Horses --Humane Techniques for Conscientious Horsemen. From the simplest, clearest explanation of the "Gait Spectrum" you'll find, to a discussion of gaited horse breeds (their history, characteristics, and uses) and gaits (running walk, rack, fox trot, tolt, trocha, for example), to an in-depth study of conformation, movement, and soundness — it's all in this terrific resources.

Year-by-year basic training and advanced schooling, including flexion, collection, and lateral work to improve natural gaiting ability, is followed by a superb problem-solving section that features simple exercises for alleviating common behavioral problems, avoiding and correcting physical issues, and fixing deviations in a horse's smooth gaits. With a summary of bridles, bits, saddle fit and back dynamics, as well as optimal shoeing and trimming for gaited horses, The Gaited Horse Bible is the perfect how-to package for every gaited horse rider and owner.

Product Details:

  • Author: Brenda Imus
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 256
  • Illustrations: 8.25 x 10.25

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