Thiamax B-1 Calming 10 lb

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Weight: FOB 10.0 Lbs
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Vitamin B1 is natural help for horses under stress. Add Thiamax pellets by John Ewing Co. to the diet when nervousness interferes with your horse's performance.

Studies show that many performance horses can be helped by the addition of thiamin (vitamin B1) to their diets. If a performance horse on good nutrition shows a loss of weight or appetite, a dull coat, muscle tremors, cramps, diarrhea or nervousness, there is a good chance that Thiamax can help. Thiamax is pure thiamine mononitrate in a stable, palatable wheat germ base that your horse will eat right out of your hand.

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By Karine
April 12, 2016
"I have been using Vit B1 sup for years now for my very hot very anxious very spooky TB. The one time I run out I had to run to the barn because he was bucking and rearing in his stall. I tried every supplement out there for calming from herbs to vitamin to ulcer medicine as advised by a trainer and nothing really worked. I actually saw the complete effect when my husband overdosed my horse and was giving him 4 scoops per day. He is a new horse and is so much happier. I even stopped all of his other supplements. Quiescence, Uguard, Valerian Ultra Calm, Succeed which I had to triple the dose anyway. I have been using Thiamax because it is the strongest concentration of all the B1 supplements out there,1000mg per scoop and ends up being the cheapest even if I use 3 to 4 times the dose. B1 crumble might be the closest but only 500 mg, and not sure if it was absorbed and my horse was leaving some behind especially as I had to give him 6 to. 8 scoops."