Tough 1 Mounting Aid Stirrup

Item# 72-2050
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This durable polymer stirrup by Tough 1 is attached to a strong nylon strap which loops over the horn and hangs below your regular stirrup to create an extra step to make mounting easy! The nylon is adjustable to accomodate different heights. After Mounting, the strap can be wrapped around the horn to hang up high & out of the way, or pop it off the horn and store it in your saddle bag.

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October 05, 2019
"When you can't pack a stepping block this is better than looking for a large boulder where none exists. I can handle the shakiness as long as my horse stand still. It just takes practice is all. Happy trails! "
April 12, 2016
"This is a working item. It is a bit shakey and may take a time or two to get use to it, but If you have trouble getting up on the horse while away from a mounting block, I recomend you put one of these in your saddle bag."