Tribute Tough As Nails Pellets 11 lb

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Weight: FOB 11.0 Lbs
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Tribute Equine Nutrition's Tough as Nails, is a pelleted hoof supplement designed to provide beneficial nutrients essential to strong and healthy hoof growth.

Product Details:

  • Includes the following for healthy, strong hoof growth:
    • Biotin- Research studies show improvement in many horses over a period of months with biotin.
    • Calcium - Involved in cross-linking of hoof proteins.
    • Iodine Can act as anti-fungal agent at higher levels. Field observations suggest oral iodine may help resolve white line disease.
    • Organic minerals - Organic zinc and copper work with enzymes important in developing and maintaining hoof structure.
    • Methionine/Cystine - Sulfur containing amino acids, when in the correct balance with other amino acids (i.e. lysine), can improve hoof quality and growth.
Approximately a 30 day supply when fed at maintenance level. Zip pouch.

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May 09, 2019
"I have a horse with thin soles that are always soft as butter, and is feet just crumble. He was never sound without shoes. You could press his sole with your thumb and it would give. After just a month my farrier started to notice his feet weren't as soft and now after 6 months he is sound barefoot, there's no crumbling or chipping, and his soles are finally strong. This product is a game changer "