U Gard Concentrated Powder 8 lb

Item# 154B
Weight: FOB 8.0 Lbs
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U-Gard powder by Corta-Flx is a calcium-magnesium dietary supplement for horses, ponies and foals.

 The manufacturer reports that field trials show U-Gard is highly effective on gastric ulcers.

A 8 lb pack will provide up to a 64 day supply for one horse.

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Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2016
"We had a Clydedale that would start eating, then quit, rarely finishing his grain. It became worse when we retired him from driving. Vet said he was becoming anemic. We tried U-Gard to see if his stomach was upset. Within three days he was back to eating normally and has been ever since. We fed it for 2 weeks, and have not had to repeat it. But we just started another horse on it and wont be without it. We read statistics that say MOST horses have ulcers but dont always exhibit symptoms. If this can make them comfortable, were delighted to provide it for them!"
By Edna

April 12, 2016
"We have been using U-gard powder for our OTT Thoroughbred for 2 years. The only time we have had any problems is when we tried to switch him to something else. Lesson learn only use U-gard."
By Rose
April 12, 2016
"I believe this product is helpful in controling ulsers. Ive used it for a month now and everyone seems to be back on their feed and eating good."
By Gwen Mathews
April 12, 2016
"This product did great for my little filly . She has a nasty ulcer and this med helped sooth her and calmed her as well. I highly recommend this product!!"