U-7 Gastric Liquid Gallon

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U-7 Gastric Aid by Finish Line is an easy-to-use, very palatable Vitamin/Herbal blend that helps promote a healthy equine digestive system including the foregut and hindgut. Horses love the taste of the natural active ingredients.

Product Details:

  • Promotes healthy appetite, performance and attitude
  • 16 all-natural ingredients to support a healthy gastric system, leading to long lasting results
  • Not an antacid or an acid production blocker
  • Cost effective alternative to help gastric health in your horse
  • Some of the soothing ingredients include: Cinnamon, Cabbage, Aloe, Carrot, Slippery Elm, Ascorbic Acid, MSM, and Licorice
  • Safe for foals and is also recommended for all horses that are confined to stalls or engaged in moderate to heavy work schedules

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 97 reviews)

December 05, 2018
"U7 is a wonderful product. I highly recommend it. I use it on all my horses."
Lebanon, OH
October 03, 2018
"This stuff smells funny but my horse eats it up! "
Downey, CA
October 01, 2018
"This product has really helped my 20 year old quarter horse gelding. "
May 17, 2018
"I purchased this product after treating my horse for fore/hind gut ulcers. In the process of making some diet changes, I added this product; after sampling several other supplements that my horse would not eat. If they don't eat it, it can't work. It took a few days of syringing into his mouth before he decided that he really liked it. Now he eats it top dressed on his feed. He has been on this for almost 2 months and looks fantastic. His weight and topline has improved. "
March 18, 2018
"My horse has been on this for over a year. My horse loves it. "