Uckele Cocosoya Oil 1 Gallon

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Weight: FOB 10.0 Lbs
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Cocosoya by Uckele is their #1 best-selling supplement! It is a natural source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Delicious for both horses and dogs and a higher quality alternative to those using ordinary corn or vegetable oil. Provides a healthy fat and cool-calorie energy source to build and maintain healthy weight while supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Promotes a healthy skin, a sparkling coat and excellent body condition. Helps to keep hooves nourished and moisturized by supporting the waterproof barrier, as well as increasing palatability for picky eaters.

Product Details:

  • "Cool calories" for healthy weight gain
  • Unique blend of coconut oil and unrefind, cold-pressed Soybean oil
  • Good replacement for (refined) ordinary corn & vegetable oil
  • Improves hair & coat gloss
  • Increased calories that are slowly metabolized for better digestability
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Increased feed palatability while also reducing molasses
  • Reduces dust in feed
  • Improved feed utilization
  • Natural source of Vitamin E
  • Gallon lasts 16 - 128 days, depending on serving size of 1 - 4 oz for maintenance or 4 - 8 oz for heavy work

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Customer Reviews

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July 27, 2018
"This works great on my 5 horses. It is palatable to both my wallet and my horses and gives their coats a nice shine. I put a pump on the top of the bottle so it's easy to dispense, kind of goes on their feed like movie theatre butter! I recommend it!"
March 09, 2018
"I use this on my OTTB , particularly in the winter months, it has kept his coat healthy and beautiful as well as kept him at a nice weight."

April 12, 2016
"I fed this oil for a while because it smells amazing, my horse likes the taste, and I did see some results in terms of a shinier coat. I was very disappointed when I found out that the omega 3 to 6 ratio is WAY off. I think it was 7% omega 3, and 51% omega six. Thats ASKING for inflammation and trouble. Now Im sitting on a 5gal container of this stuff I cant use because i broke the lid trying to attach the pump that came with it but doesnt fit. My horse is going through treatment for EPM and he like any horse really needs higher concentrations of 3 than 6. Theres already a ton of 6 in their concentrated feeds.... Too bad! I love Uckele but this product was a bit of a let down for me. Too bad it isnt coconut and flax oil! Soybean has been under attack for being GMO."
April 12, 2016
"Best price I can find on this product when you pick up in the store."
April 12, 2016
"Cocosoya works wonderful! My horses are shiny, utilize their feed better, and show marked improvement in their hoof structure."