Uckele Hoof Biotin 18 oz

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Hoof Biotin by Uckele is a highly concentrated supplemental source of Biotin, Zinc and Methionine making this an excellent maintenance product for healthy hooves. Also contains a blend of B Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Amino Acids to help maintain healthy hooves.

Product Details:

  • Cohesive hoof supplement for horses
  • Methionine 250mg per scoop
  • Zinc 100mg per scoop
  • Biotin 16mg per scoop
  • Encourages hoof growth
  • Improves skin and coat
  • An 18 oz jar is a 100 day supply for one horse.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

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Elk Creek, MO
September 09, 2020
"This, along with almost daily application of Hooflex original ointment has made a big difference in my horse's hooves and he can now keep shoes on. I will continue to purchase this because it works!"
August 08, 2020
"My farrier is very happy with the resulting hoof growth using this Biotin. Just sprinkle it on his feed and he eats it right up. "
May 14, 2020
"I’ve tried several hoof supplements for my thoroughbred gelding without much success. This product has really helped! His hoof walls are strengthening and cracks are growing out very quickly. "
March 16, 2020
"My horse eats this right up dressed in his grain. very pleased with the product and the great price."