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UlcerGard is FDA-approved to prevent stomach ulcers in horses. The main ingredient in UlcerGard is Omeprazole which suppresses acid production in a horse's stomach. 1 mg/kg of omeprazole per day for 28 days effectively prevents the onset of ulcers in horses exposed to stressful conditions. The cinnamon-flavored oral paste is well accepted by horses and once-a-day dosing is convenient to administer.

** UlcerGard is the only medicine that's approved by the FDA to prevent equine stomach ulcers **


  • Each tube of UlcerGard contains four daily preventive doses for horses weighing between 600 and 1,200 pounds.
  • Two doses are recommended for horses weighing more than 1,200 pounds.
  • Minimum recommended dosage is 1mg/kg per day or 1/4 syringe
  • Horse under 600 lbs consult a veterinarian

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Customer Reviews

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June 03, 2019
"Ulcergard is my go-to preventative when hauling my horses. I love that there are 4 doses in each tube, which makes it very cost-effective."
Advance, NC
April 12, 2019
"Great product at a good price!"
Roland, AR
February 15, 2017
"I had to move my 32 year old horse in November 2016. As you can imagine, it was stressful and Ulcergard helped her through the transition. It's easy to give the right dose each time and is only needed once a day. It begins to work within 24 hours and you'll notice a difference quickly. It's a bit expensive, but well worth the price. Great product!"
Chardon Township, OH
February 14, 2017
"My horse had ulcers and received extensive & expensive treatment. As a follow-up, my vet recommended ulcergard, the brand name product only. I have continued to use ulcerguard before shows and other stressful events. My horse has not displayed further signs of ulcers. Love it!"
December 10, 2016
"I really liked how this product work so well for my OTTB. He is back to his old self!"