Vetericyn Mobility Hoof Care 8oz

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Remove buildup of odor causing microorganisms in your horse's hooves that can also lead to lameness. Vetericyn's Mobility Hoof Care penetrates deep into the hoof layers to remove pathogens that cause deterioration and breakdown the hoof. Works on thrush, seedy toe, and white line separation while supporting healthy regrowth of hoof and tissue. Vetericyn's formula leaves a healthy protective barrier on the hoof. Unique hyperosmotic properties draws out fluid faster than other leading hoof treatments. Hoof Care has preservative antimicrobial properties that meet or exceed leading hoof treatments. Eliminating 99.999% of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria in the presence of 10% organic soil load. Spray on applicator for ease of use and to get into every crevice.

Product details:

  • Remove odor by eliminating harmful microorganisms
  • Penetrates deep into the hoof
  • Works on thrush, seedy toe, white line separation
  • Supports healthy regrowth
  • Healthy protective barrier
  • Hyperosmotic properties draws out fluid from inflammation
  • Works on eliminating gram positive and gram negative bacteria
  • Spray on applicator for ease of use
  • 8oz

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