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Wahl Body Brushes feature a comfort rubber top that is curved to fit your hand for better grip. Extended bristle length provides great coverage and cleaning power! Backed with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Soft Body Brush:

  • Removes fine dirt and hair
  • Leaves a natural shine
  • Measures approximately 10" long
Stiff Body Brush:
  • Removes mud, sweat and dirt effectively with less effort
  • Still soft enough to be comfortable for your horse
  • Measures approximately 9" long
Combo Show Brush:
  • Combines stiff bristles on one side and soft on the other
  • One side removes tough dirt and with a quick flip the other side adds a brilliant shine
  • 2 brushes in one means less space it taken up in your grooming kit - great for traveling to shows
  • Measures approximately 10" long

Customer Reviews

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Houghton, NY
August 31, 2017
"I took advantage of the BOGO sale and got two body brushes, one stiff bristle and one soft bristles. The bristles were much shorter than any other brushes I have had, but they work well. My horse - who is very persnickety about his personal comfort - loves the feel of both of them, and I love how effectively they work. The ergonomic shape of the brush backs are easier on my hands than regular brushes."
November 19, 2016
"Really like the combination offered on the body brush... Also, like the curved design. Fits nicely in your hand "
April 12, 2016
"I love the way it fits my rather small hand as well as the fact that it has two different bristles. One end is soft, the other harder."
April 12, 2016
"My students and I really like using this brush. We can work up a great shine faster and its a good fit for our hands."