Wahl Shedding Tool Ergonomic Rubber Grip

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Wahl's ergonomic rubber grib shedding tool fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use. This innovative shedding tool is specially designed for easy handling and convenience in a sweat scraper style and length with all the functionality of a shedding tool. Contour design makes it easier to remove dirt and hair.

Product details:

  • 15" total length
  • 7.5" shedding blade

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 2 reviews)

March 10, 2018
"I was a little unsure at first but I'm starting to like this tool. It works well at removing hair and dirt off of my horses, but isn't quite as sharp as I had anticipated. The teeth get clogged up with hair from my draft horses. It may work better on shorter coats or near the end of shedding season. The long handle allows me to groom them without getting dirt and hair all over myself which is a huge bonus. Its also very comfortable to grip and easy to clean. Overall, this product is worth it. "
April 12, 2016
"I used to dread shedding season. Not anymore! This product is perfect, easy to use, super effective. The hair practically melts off. Best shedding tool around! I will never EVER be without this. I recently used this on my horses hind legs to help remove rain rot and the flakes/clumps of hair came off like magic. You will not be disappointed."