Water Bucket 20 Qt Turned Up Lip

Item# 1807C

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Weight: FOB 5.0 Lbs
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Horseman's Pride 20 quart water bucket. Turned up lip allows for a generous top opening to accommodate a wide range of horses, including draft breeds. Turned up lip design serves as a deterrent to horses who tend to chew the lip of their traditional buckets.

Product Details:

  • Turned up lip and a flat back
  • Galvanized handle with a spill grip on the bottom of the bucket for easy dumping
  • Handle ends are tucked in neatly to avoid injury
  • Angled top handle shape for stability when hanging
  • 15" wide x 12 1/2" deep
  • Holds 5 gallons or 20 quarts

Customer Reviews

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(based on 4 reviews)

Benton Harbor, MI
December 30, 2020
"I have a bored horse that destroys buckets by scratching his butt on them. He’s never been able to damage this one, it just goes back into its former shape. The material is HDPE like a milk jug, so it flexs a lot. The plastic won’t break into sharp pieces like some of his other buckets did. The handle design holds it flat on the wall. There is a raised area in the bottom that does not work well for a feed bucket, as feed gets trapped around the perimeter. But you can’t beat it for water! "
July 13, 2019
"I bought these buckets after seeing them in use at numerous TB farms in KY. The design does deter all but the most hard-core cribbers. I have one obnoxious horse that scratches his butt on every water bucket and has broken a lot of buckets into sharp pieces. This type of plastic isn't brittle and flexes making it very safe. This bucket will bend, but so far, I've always been able to bend it back into shape. The bottom hand grip makes this great for water, but feed gets caught in the groove."
November 10, 2017
"Great buckets sturdy,tough,safe."
September 04, 2016
"Sturdy enough bucket but I have one that has become misshaped for no apparent reason. I also have trouble with the bucket staying flat against the wall. The handle placement seems too far towards the front of the bucket and it always gradually tips backwards unless I put bungee straps around it. Otherwise it does its job. "