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Nails City Head 5

Quality shoeing nail by Capewell.  Nails are size 5 City Head and come in 100 count boxes.

Nails 5 Special Capewell 250 Count
Quality shoeing nails by Capewell come in size 5 in boxes of 250
Capewell City Head 5 Nails 500 Count

Capewell City Head for use with saddle horses, working horses and ponies.

Product Details:

  • Imperial Size (inches) 1 7/8"
  • Metric Size (millimeters) 47
Borium One Stick One Eigth Inch
Borium by Stoody is welded onto a steel shoe to make for better traction.
Nails 4 Race Capewell

Quality shoeing nail by Mustad.  Comes in 250 count boxes in either Race head or City head style

Nails 3.5 Race Capewell
Shoeing nail by Capewell. 250 count box
Nails 4.5 Race  Capewell
$11.95 - $25.95
Capewell 4.5 race shoeing nail.
Farrier Pritchel
Pritchel by Diamond is made from 5/8" tool steel. Designed to clear shoe nail holes.
Razerhose Split Rivets 100 cnt
The RAZER concept was designed to mimic the natural function of the hoof while offering the protection needed for performance horses. These split rivets are designed and recommended for ProPad application.
MaXcut Rasp

MaXcut Rasp by Exim Rasps

Perfect for maximum material removal with minimal pressure. These sharp cutting edges offer optimal performance

Clincher Gooseneck
The Clincher by Diamond is used to turn heads of smaller nails when shoeing ponies and race horses.
Hoof Knife Economy
Inexpensive shoeing knife with plastic handle made for left or right handed blacksmith.
Farrier Tool Kit With Bag 7 Piece Set

This farrier bag by Big Dee's keeps your tools handy in this roll up bag.
The pockets will hold

  •  hoof pick
  •  nipper
  • knife
  • puller
  • spreader
  • rasp
  • clincher.

Tools included.

Farriers Tool Box Wood
Wood tool box by Big Dee's with places to store nails, knives, and rasp. FOB
Economy Hammer
Wood handle hammer by Big Dee's inexpensive for putting nails in the shoes.
Farrier Tongs
These Tongs by Diamond are manufactured from special low carbon steel for lasting strength. Will not become brittle when quenched in water. Used to pick up hot shoes.
Clinch Block

Clinch Block by Diamond

Solid steel for clinching and seating nails.

Driving Hammer 14 ounce

Driving Hammer by Cooper

Forged with high quality head and hardwood handle with a 14 oz head.

Hoof Tester
Hoof Tester by Tough 1. Used to squeeze the hoof to determine the location of a painful area in the foot of a lame horse. Wide mouth is great for larger hooves. 12 inches long.
Driving Hammer 10 ounce

Driving Hammer by Cooper

Forged from high quality steel with wood handle for driving in nails With a 10 oz head

Farrier Nipper 12 Inch

Nipper by Diamond

Made from a special alloy steel with a button rivet used to trim horses feet.

Clinch Cutter

Clinch Cutter by Diamond

Multi purpose tool designed for cutting and the other for pritchel which is for clearing shoe nail holes.

Farrier Nipper 15 Inch

Nipper by Diamond

Made from a special alloy steel with button rivet. Used to trim horses feet .

Clincher Economy
Inexpensive version of the diamond clinchers by Big Dee's used to roll over high and low nails.
Nail Cutter 10 Inch
Nail Cutter by Diamond is used to cut off nails when shoeing horses.
Rasp Handle Wood

Rasp by Victory Racing

Wooden handle for rasps.

Hoof Knife Narrow

Hoof Knife by Diamond

Wood handle narrow blade used for trimming horses feet for a left or right handed blacksmith

Shoe Puller And Spreader

Puller and Spreader by Cooper

Puller and spreader for equine shoeing.

Farrier Tool Bag Only
Farrier tool bag that is lightweight and designed to hold all of your tools needed. Conveniently designed to fold up, making it easily portable.
Hoof Knife Wide

Hoof Knife by Diamond

Wood handle wide blade used for trimming horse feet for a left or right handed blacksmith

Shoeing Apron

Farrier apron by Weaver. Hoof knife pocket and a 2 inch nail magnet. Quick release plastic clip for easy on and off. Pearl Gray.

Fits waist sizes 29 inches - 52 inches. Adjustable waistband.

Rasps Save Edge
$29.95 - $33.95
Rasp Save Edge 14 inch Used to file the hoof to shape it.
Brass Hoof Gauge

Hoof Gauge by Big Dee's

Used to measure the degree of angles on a horses hoof.

Toe Measure Wing Divider

Toe Measure Wing Divider by Big Dee's

Used to measure the length of a horses Hoof.

Rasp Big Hoof
Big Hoof Full 17" rasp by Simonds from heel to shoulder . . . 3" more than a standard rasp, allows you to use fewer strokes. Used for warm bloods, draft horses, or any large hoofed horses.
Rasp Economy
Used to file a horses hoof into shape.
Rasp Red Tang
14 inch rasp by Simmonds. Used to file and shape the hoof.
Rounding Hammer 24 Oz

Rounding Hammer by Diamond

Used to shape a horse shoe.

Bellotta Rasp   5
Improved Top Sharp Rasp by Belotta The Improved 14" Top Sharp rasp by Belotta features maximum cut on the rasp side and coarse cut on the file side for fast take down and clean shaping of the hoof. Please note this rasp is very sharp and may require a break in period.
Nail Crease Puller
Nail Crease Puller by Cooper Tools is used to pull nails out of the shoes on a horse.
Economy Puller & Spreader

Puller and Spreader by Big Dee's

Inexpensive version to the diamond brand. This is used to pull off shoes and widen them out.

Hoof Knife Anvil Brand Narrow
The Knife. The most popular hoof knife by Anvil and for good reason! Sized and shaped just right to make your work easy. Individually hand sharpened by specialists at Anvil Brand. Wooden handle with dop blade made of carbon steel for easy sharpening.
Economy Nipper

Nipper by Big Dee's

Nippers are used to trim the length of a horses hoof.

Bastord File

Bastord File by Simonds> Used to sharpen knives.

Screws For Canadian Toe Weight
Rounding Hammer 36 Oz

Rounding Hammer by Diamond

Used to shape a horse shoe.

Rasp Diamond
Diamond brand rasp used to file and shape horses hooves.
Original RidersRasp

Original RidersRasp is the first tool of its kind designed specifically for horse owners to sustain and support hoof balance and soundness. RidersRasp allows users to safely and effectively round their horse’s hooves to retain and prolong balance between professional trims and improve the overall condition of a horse’s hooves.

Product Details:

  • Ergonomic design that fits all hands
  • Soft, no-slip grip to protect the hands
  • Unique tool with replaceable rasp is made for rounding, not removing, the hoof wall.
  • Includes a pair of medium rasps.
  • Featuring Heller Rasps with 52 Rockwell hardness
  • Stainless steel protective plate
Fetlock Shears
High-quality stainless steel shears ideal for trimming fetlocks.
Heller Pro Finish Rasp

The Heller Pro-Finish has been chosen by World Champions to create the ideal finish on a hoof. Heller's Multiglide cut provides the right amount of hoof removal, and produces a show quality finish. It's unique overcut avoids clogging while Heller's Smoothglide side removes the slightest amount of material; leaving an overall polished finish.

Product Details:

  • Finishes smoothly
  • Leaves no rasp marks
  • Provides a show quality finish
  • 14"
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