Horse Medical Supplies

Equine medical supplies maintain your horse’s health and treat common injuries. There are options available for veterinarians and horse owners. Choose from essentials like syringes, thermometers, first aid kits, stethoscopes, latex exam gloves, pill crushers, and more.

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Emergency Travel First Aid Kit - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Big Dee's Essential Emergency Travel First Aid Kit - Be prepared for all types of situations with this handy First Aid Kit. Convenient red zip top tote bag comes stocked with the essential first aid items that your and your horse may need while on the road. Tote features 2 handy carrying straps and a detachable shoulder strap with plenty of room on the inside to add more items to personalize your own kit. Also features ample pockets on the outside for holding full size bottles and other items. Perfect to keep on hand in the barn and in your trailer!

Kit Includes the following:

  • 1 Roll of electrical tape
  • 8 - Non Adhesive Pad 3"x 4"
  • 1 Roll Gauze 3" x 5 yards
  • Thermometer
  • Rope halter and lead
  • Eye wash
  • Bandage Scissors
  • 1 Roll of adhesive bandage tape
  • 2 - travel size Banixx Wound care 2 oz.
  • Stethoscope
  • 2 rolls of elastic bandage tape - 3" x 2.5 yards
  • Hoofpick
  • 8 pairs of disposable Latex gloves
  • 8oz LimberUp Spray
  • Flashlight
  • Red tote carry-all zip top bag with handles and detachable carrying strap

* Please note colors and brands of some items may vary.

Poly Hub Needles - TB
$0.13 - $0.25

Poly hub needles by Monoject

Choose from:

18 x 1" or 1 1/2"
19 x 1" or 1 1/2"
20 x 1" or 1 1/2"
22 x 1 1/2"
22 x 1"

Sold individually. 100 per box.

Needles can not be shipped outside of the continental United States.

Needle Aluminum Hub Monoject - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$0.24 - $0.35

Monoject needle - aluminum hub

Needles can not be shipped outside of the continental United States.

Syringe Luer Lock Monoject - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$0.25 - $1.45

Needles by Monoject locks onto syringe will not slide off. Locking syringes.

*Syringes sold individually. 

** When purchasing if you select qty of 1 - you will receive 1 syringe.  Syringes do come in boxes of:

  • 12 ml 80 per box
  • 20ml 50 per box
  • 3ml 100 per box
  • 35ml 30 per box
  • 6ml 50 per box
  • 60ml 20 per box



Luer Slip Syringes - TB
$0.16 - $1.49

Monoject Syringes with Catheter Tips are a barn staple and are ideal for accurately measuring liquid medications and supplements. Easy-to-use with bold, dual graduations that can be read easily and show increments from 3 to 60 cc's increments. Individually packaged for sterility, keeping dirt and debris away until you're ready to use. Perfect for horses that require single-use syringe or reuse after washing the container and the removable top. Truly a must-have for every horse owner.

Product Details:

  • 3 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 100 per case
  • 6 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 50 per case
  • 12 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 80 per case
  • 20 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 50 per case
  • 35 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each , 30 per case
  • 60 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 20 per case
  • Individually packaged to keep sterile
  • Made in the USA
  • 5.05
    Flair Nasal Strips - TB
    $10.50 - $49.95

    Nasal strips are designed to reduce fatigue and improve respiratory health in horses. They are self-adhesive strips that promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes at all levels by reducing airway resistance and providing improved airflow when your horse needs oxygen most. During exercise when horses begin to breathe hard the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages are sucked in, reducing the airway diameter. This reduction in diameter causes greater resistance to airflow into the lungs. FLAIR Strips gently support the soft tissues over the nasal passages providing reduced airway resistance during exercise.

    Product Details:

    • Adhesive nasal strips to help open nasal passage
    • Reduces airway resistance
    • Can be used in all disciplines
    • Beneficial during intensive training
    • Each strip is for one-time use
    Dose Syringe Sure Grip 60 Cc - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    The Sure Grip Syringe by Americas Acres makes it easier for you to give oral medications to horses, foals and other animals without the both of you wearing the medication and getting only half the dose in your horse. Sure Grip offers better control when administering medications by letting you have the use of your hands to work on your horse while the syringe stays on your thumb without dropping it.

    Product Details:

    • Sure Grip holder allows secure grip on syringe without risk of dropping
    • Good to use with fussy animals
    • 60cc dosing limit
    • Sold by eaches
    • 20 per case

      This item is unable to be shipped to California

    Dose Syringe - TB
    $41.95 - $44.95

    Used for dispensing medication for oral or rectal administration to all animals.

    Product Details:

    • Heavy-duty, nickel finish brass construction
    • Plunger rod is calibrated in 1/2 oz increments
    • Easy disassembly for sterilization and cleaning
    • Leakproof operation
    • Metal plunger with rubber O-ring
    Needle & Syringe Set 3 ml 25 g x .625 in Monoject - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
    $0.23 - $0.25

    Needle & Syringe Set by Monoject. Ideal for administering to livestock as well as smaller animals.

    Product Details:

    • Steel needle
    • 25 x 5/8 in. needle and 3ml syringe
    • Sold by eaches
    • For animal use only
    • Note: Needles are not to be shipped outside of the continental US

    Syringe 60 Ml Catheter Tip Monoject - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Monoject 60cc Syringe with Catheter Tip.

    Used for Oral Dosing, this is a great tool for those hard to work with animals that refuse to take medication without a fight.

    Product Details:

    • Do not use a needle with this syringe
    • Sold by eaches
    • 20 per case
    • 60cc dosing limit
    Digital Thermometer - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Digital clinical thermometer by Big Dee's features fever alarm, beeper, memory, flexibility. Features high accuracy and test response with an easy to read digital LCD display.

    Product Details:

    • Easy to read, LCD display
    • Break-resistant
    • Auto shut-off
    • Beeping sound lets you know when measurement is complete
    • Takes 60 seconds to measure body temperature
    • Can be used orally, rectally and under the armpit
    Glass Thermometer - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
    $3.95 - $4.35

    Thermometer by Big Dee's. Whether you are treating a sick animal, or doing routine health monitoring, this is a great tool equipped with a handy holding case to keep safe and clean for your first-aid kit.

    Product Details

      • Veterinarian/Medical grade
      • Holding case included, brand and color may vary
      • Mercury thermal sensing, not digital
      • For use on horses, pigs, cows, dogs and sheep 
    Stethoscope - Dual Head - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Dual Head Stethoscope by Big Dee's

    Whether you're monitoring a sick animal back to regular health, checking vitals after a fitness routine, or doing regular monitoring for your barn members, this medical-grade, chrome plated dual head stethoscope is a must-have in your first-aid kit for the trailer, barn, and home.

    Product Details:

    • Dual Head Stethoscope
    • Chrome plated, time-tested model
    • Veterinarian/Medical grade
    Latex Exam Gloves - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Latex gloves have a myriad of uses in the barn! Whether you're applying product that may be harmful to humans, tending to a wound and wanting to keep sterile, cleaning udders and sheaths, or doing basic examination of your horse, these gloves need to be in your grooming bag and first aid kit. With a wide variety of sizes and 100 gloves to a box, keep your hands clean and dry while keeping your horse (or dog) healthy and safe when handling.

    Product Details:

    • Latex exam gloves
    • Non-powdered coated
    • Multiple Sizes Available
    • 100 per box
    • Wrist length
    • Easy dispensing box
    • Brand may vary
    Iv Set - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    This complete IV Set has everything one would need for adminstering an IV. From Ideal Instruments, this set contains a Gum Rubber Funnel with air vent to prevent bubbling, 16 Gauge 1 1/2" Stainless Steel Needle, and reinforced rubber tube with metal ends to hold both the funnel and IV. Funnel fits standard 500 mL bottle. Essential to your First Aid Kit, whether at home, on the trailer, or in your truck.

    Product Details:

    • Complete IV Set
    • Includes (1) Gum Rubber Funnel, (1) Tube, and 1 1/2" Stainless Steel Needle with case

      Needles are not to be shipped out of the continental USA

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