Kauffmans Salt Potassium Mix Electrolyte - 20 lb

Item# 20K
Weight: FOB 20.0 Lbs
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Kauffman's Salt-Potassium granular electrolyte supplement is specially formulated to satisfy the demands of performance horses across a variety of discliplines. An excellent source to encourage vital body fluid replenishment and additional water intake, this supplement can be mixed with water or used as a top-dressing with feed. Recommended to be used during periods of intense heat, exercise, or other situations that result in sweating.

Product Details:

  • Balanced blend of sodium chloride (salt) and potassium chloride
  • Replaces lost electrolytes in horses under stress from summer heat, training and performance
  • Helps replace fluid lost through sweat
  • Helps support normal mineral balance
  • Prevents dehyrdation, lactic acid build-up, or other negative side effects associated with poor hydration
  • Water-soluble formula

20 lb tub will provide an 160 day supply for one average horse

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