Protecto Swivel Quick Hitch Harness Couplers - Pair

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Protecto Swivel Quick Hitch Harness Couplers attach the jog cart or racebike to the harness. Swivel style separates your horse from the shaft, allowing the horse to move freely and develop a natural gait. Also allows harness's saddle to stay put, eliminating rubbing or scurving of the saddle. Most important are the comments from the horsemen saying that Protecto's Swivel Quick Hitch helps a sore horse that is on one line to reduce his lameness, thus adding speed to your horse.

Product Details:

  • Freedom of movement for natural gait
  • Freer movement = Less restrictions = Less lameness
  • Keeps your horse's disposition happier, with less pain and no pinching.
  • This will allow your horse more freedom, permitting your horse to have a faster mile, be more sound and have less lameness.

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