Catago Therapy

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Catago is the #1 Therapy brand in Europe for a reason. Each product is made with specialized FIR-Tech fabric with woven ceramic fibers that naturally to reflect body heat, increase circulation and warm up muscles which helps prevent strains & sprains while also promoting a healing effect. FIR-Tech stands for Far Infrared Rays Technology and this innovative therapy reflects body heat as far infrared energy radiation that can penetrate up to 7 centimeters beneath the skin. This causes circulation to increase naturally and, in turn, promotes healing.

The benefits of improved circulation are wide ranging including improved cellular function. The features of all Catago FIR-Tech products cause increased wellness, quicker recovery, increased oxygen in the blood, tension release, injury prevention, joint function and reduced inflammation. All of these benefits are possible thanks to the harnessing of energy and heat the body is already releasing every day!

Catago therapy sheetsCatago therapy sheets

TIP: If you'll be using your kit for the trailer, add a spare halter for good measure.

THEN fill it with your choice of first aid essentials like Antibiotic Ointment, Vetrap, Cotton, Antiseptic Spray and much more:

Catago therapy maskCatago therapy mask

There are also great options for rider therapy including braces for your back, neck, knees, elbows and ankles. These are comfortable enough to wear every day since they are lightweight but still supportive. These braces have all the same great features of the horse products so they will help improve circulation, reduce inflammation and help shorten recovery time.

We have many more options when it comes to the well being of your horse. Our complete selection of ceramic and magnetic therapy products include popular brands like Fenwick, Professional's Choice, Back on Track and more. Plus, other innovative light and laser therapy products by Horseware Ireland, Arc Equine and Spectra. Don't forget to check out our hot and cold therapy including ice boots, sweats and hosing systems.

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