Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle - Seminar

January 31, 2019 7 view(s)

Bitless Training with Justin Dunn

We had an amazing opportunity to team up with Weaver Leather and Justin Dunn with Justin Dun Mustang Horsemanship to host a few seminars at our 3rd Annual Anniversary Event at our store located in Streetsboro, Ohio. We were really excited to have Justin Dunn join us to talk to us about his Bitless Bridle that he partnered with  Weaver Leather to make. Justin Dunn gained his notoriety through the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

We got to know Justin a little bit more and how he got his start with Bitless training and mustangs. We also had the opportunity to host a contest for a local Big Dee’s fan to win a private one hour session with Justin Dunn!

The winner of the contest was Sarah and her recently rescued mustang mare Mae, whom she was fostering. Sarah had been experiencing difficulty gaining Mae’s trust and this couldn’t be more up Justin’s alley! Here are some pictures from when we first arrived to meet Sarah and Mae:

After we spent some time with her outside we brought her in to work with her some more and eventually hand the lead back to Sarah so Justin could work with her some. Here is the video of their private lesson!

Once he worked with Sarah and Mae on getting their communication better, Justin made his way back to Big Dee’s. Justin was scheduled for 2 seminars and had a packed house! He answered questions from the audience and discussed his Bitless Bridle some more! Below are the 2 seminars he did for us. It was a pleasure having Justin Dunn and Weaver Leather here with us! Hope you enjoy learning about bitless training!

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