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From Biotin to Zinc, Big Dee's equine hoof supplements provide the key vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help you to build your horse's hoof from the ground up! After all, no hoof, no horse. Choose from quality brands, such as Farrier's Formula and Vita Biotin, and stop cracking, crumbling and compromised hooves before they start. Your farrier will thank you for putting your horse's best hoof forward!

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Farriers Formula Double Strength Plus Joint 11 lb

Farriers Formula Double Strength Plus Joint 11 lb

Same great hoof formula now with added joint! Pelleted combination hoof and joint supplement that is formulated to promote dense hoof wall growth along with additional joint and tendon support.

Eliminate the concern of excessive sulfur supplementation. Farrier's Formula Double Strength Plus Joint provides the level of sulfur for an average 1,000lb horse is equal to 3,500mg of MSM.

Product Details:

  • Pellet form
  • For all life stages
  • Strengthens connedtive tissue
  • Promotes lubrication of joints
  • Helps to grow out wall cracks
  • Reduces likelihood of microbial invasions and bruising
  • Assists with laminitis recovery
  • 60 day supply for average 1000 lb horse
Farriers Magic Plus 11 lb

Farrier's Magic PLUS Hoof Supplement by Berlin Industries is a total nutritional supplement with increased levels of biotin (20mg). The combination of nutrients help your horse develop a shiny coat, healthy skin, and quality hoof structure.

Product Details:

  • Alfalfa meal base is highly palatable
  • High carotene content which converts Vitamin-A as needed, making digestion easier
  • Methionine that helps protein in connective tissue as well as absorption of biotin
  • Copper which is used in formation of bone and cartilage and, improves color and structure of hair and hooves
  • Zinc to help with the absorption and formation of bone tissue and healthy skin healing iodine for hardening of hoof walls, and regulation of metabolism -
  • Vitamin C for strong, healthy connective tissue
  • Also has essential and non-essential amino acids and minerals in support of healthier shiny coats.
  • Feed 6 oz per day with food. Reduce amount to one half when desired results are achieved.
  • The 11 lb tub will provide about a 58 day supply for one horse.

Tough As Nails Pellets 11 lb

Tough as Nails by Tribute

Perfect for horses who need some help growing healthy hooves. Tough as Nails has been designed by Tribute Equine Nutrition to help grow strong and healthy hooves by providing essential beneficial nutrients.

Product Details:

  • 1 scoop provides 30mg of Biotin
  • Feeding Directions: 6oz per day (1 scoop)
Formula 707 Horse Logic Combo 5 in 1 Daily Packs

Ultra Combo Packs by Formula 707

Ultra Combo packs 5 supplements into 1 easy to feed pack. Eliminates multiple containers, measuring and saves space! Combination of multivitamin & minerals, digestive support, joint support, hoof support and digestive aid.

Product Details:

  • Formula 707 Daily Essentials dose - vitamin & mineral support
  • 13 Vitamins & 10 Minerals
  • Vitamin E for skin and coat
  • Microencapsulated probiotics for digestive health
  • Biotin, Lysine and Methioine for healthy hooves
  • Collage, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and Bromelian for joint support
  • 28 day supply for 1 horse
  • Pelleted Form
Formula 707 Horse Logic Training Combo 4 in 1 Daily Packs

Horse Logic Training Combo by Formula 707

Make feed time easier with these daily packets by Formula 707! One container contains 28 individual daily pouches that have 4 supplements in one, no more measuring, wasted space and running out of 1 supplement before another! Training Combo packs contain minerals, vitamins, joint supplement, hoof supplement and calming supplement all in one. Keep your horse relaxed and focused while providing extra support for their joints and hooves, perfect for hard working horses.

Product Details:

  • Formula 707 Daily Essentials dose - vitamin & mineral support
  • Contains collagen to help support connective tissue
  • Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MS and Bromelian to care for joints, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments
  • Biotin, Methionine and L-lysine for hoof health
  • Thiamine, Tryptophan and Magnesium Oxide to help relax and focus your horse
  • 28 individual pouches
  • Pelleted form
Formula 707 Horse Logic Senior Combo 4 in 1 Daily Packs

Senior Combo packs by Formula 707

Make feed time easier with these daily packets by Formula 707! One container contains 28 individual daily pouches that have 4 supplements in one, no more measuring, wasted space and running out of 1 supplement before another! Horse Logic Senior Combo packs contain all the support most senior horses need. With support for aging joints, hooves, digestive support and vitamins and minerals.

Product Details:

  • Formula 707 Daily Essentials dose - vitamin & mineral support
  • Microencapsulated probiotics for digestive health
  • Collagen - main protein of connective tissue
  • Collage, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Bromelian for joint support
  • Lysine, Methionine for healthy hooves
  • 28 individual pouches
  • Pelleted form
Farriers Formula Original
$45.99 - $209.99

Farrier's Formula by Life Data Labs was developed to provide the nutrients needed to enable horses to build strong structural and connective tissue proteins (tendon, ligaments, bones, joints). Farrier's Formula provides the nutrient support that horses need to build strong connective tissue proteins.

The hoof is connective tissue that depends on its many crosslinks for strength and resiliency. Methionine, proline, glycine and glutamine are some of the major building blocks of healthy connective tissue, or collagen. Copper and vitamin C are also necessary, serving as catalysts in the formation of strong and healthy horn. Healthy hooves require zinc for the prevention of defective keratin, the tough material found in the outer layers of hoof and skin. If keratin is not properly formed, the hoof will be soft and brittle.

All these nutrients should be supplied via diet or supplementation for healthy hooves.

Product Details:

  • Promotes hoof growth
  • Helps build strong structural and connective tissue proteins used in tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints
The 11 lb tub provides up to a 30 day supply and a 44 lb tub provides a 120 day supply for one horse.

Farriers Formula Double Strength
$69.99 - $90.99

Farrier's Formula Double Strength Pelleted Nutritional Supplement by Life Data Labs for Horses and lasts twice as long as the original Farrier's Formula and provides the same high level of nutrition.

Farrier's Formula and Farrier's Formula Double Strength provide nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, and important amino acid "protein building blocks" that enable horses to build strong structural and connective tissue proteins that are important for healthy hoof structure and growth.

The nutrients in Farrier's Formula Double Strength are provided at twice the concentration compared to the original Farrier's Formula with the taste that horses love. The Farrier's Formula Double Strength 11 pound package delivers twice the number of daily doses compared to 11 pounds of original Farrier's Formula.

Product Details:

  • Concentrated formula to last longer and offer smaller dosage
  • Promotes healthy and strong hoof growth
  • Builds connective and supportive tissue for sound hooves

An 11 lb buckets is a 60 day supply for a 1000 pound horse at the Adult Replenishment Feeding Level or 120 days when feeding at the Adult Maintenance Feeding Level.

Hoof Secret
$33.95 - $75.25

Hoof Secret by Cox Vet Labs is a small, alfalfa-based pellet that combines the key ingredients Biotin, Zinc and Methionine to support optimal hoof growth.

Biotin is best known for healthy hoof growth, Zinc strengthens the bond between the soft tissue of the inner hoof to the outside hoof wall and Methionine is a sulfur containing amino acid required for hoof growth. B-Vitamins are also imperative for healthy skin, coat and hoof growth. Feeding Hoof Secret helps improve hoof hardness, hoof thickness and tender feet while promoting new hoof growth.

Each ounce of Hoof Secret delivers 35 mg. Biotin, 2286 mg. DL-Methionine, 138 mg. Zinc, 43 mg. Manganese, 10 mg. Vitamin B6 and 328 mg. Ascorbic Acid.

Product Details:

  • Encourages optimal hoof growth
  • Contains Zinc as it strengthens the bond between soft tissue and the inner hoof to the outside hoof wall
  • Improves hoof hardness, thickness, and decreases tenderness
  • Aids in improved skin and coat

The 25 lb tub provides up to a 200 day supply for one horse

Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.    

Feet First
$41.75 - $72.95
Feet First by Finish Line is a palatable nutritional supplement for healthy hooves, coat, and skin of horses. Feet First contains flax seed, olive and wheat germ oils, vitamins A and E, biotin, zinc and methionine.

Product Details:

  • Omega fatty acid sources such as flax, olive oil, and wheat germ oil
  • Made in the USA
  • Highly palatable
  • Promotes healthier skin, coat and hooves

The 4.5 lb size provides up to a 72 day supply for one horse.
The 9 lb size provides up to a 144 day supply for one horse.

Horseshoers Secret
$25.95 - $67.05

Horseshoer's Secret by Farnam was developed to provide optimum nutrition for strong healthy hooves. It contains only the purest and most digestible ingredients, including biotin, lysine, methionine, fat, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and protein.

These nutrients work together to help prevent cracked hooves and strengthen hoof walls and to support normal hoof growth so shoes hold longer. The enclosed scoop holds 6 ounces.

Product Details:

  • Supports normal hoof growth
  • Strengthens hoof walls
  • Prevents cracks

11 lb tub - 30 day supply
22 lb tub - 60 day supply
38 lb tub - 200 day supply

Horseshoers Secret Concentrate
$25.95 - $72.95
Horseshoer’s Secret Concentrate by Farnam helps support healthy hooves. The concentrated formula offers 25 mg of biotin per 2 oz serving. It contains key amino acids methionine and lysine, as well as chelated minerals, fatty acids and yeast culture to help support the development of healthy hooves. These nutrients work together for fewer cracked hooves and strong hoof walls.

Product Details:

  • Supports the development of healthy hooves
  • Nutrients work together for fewer cracks
  • Encourages strong hoof walls

A 3.75 lb container is a 30 day supply for one horse.
An 11.25 lb container is a 90 day supply for one horse.

Masters Hoof Blend
$71.95 - $155.99
Master's Hoof Blend by VitaFlex (formerly HT 20) is a multi-ingredient, biotin-rich supplement that supports healthy hoof growth. With 20 mg of biotin, high levels of methionine and lysine, key minerals, and a six-culture microbial complex to aid digestion in a highly palatable alfalfa meal, brewer's yeast and soybean oil base.

Master's Hoof Blend supplies the ingredients you need to reduce cracks and chips in your horses feet. Master's Hoof Blend is a delicious addition to your horse's daily feed.

Product Details:

  • Supports hoof growth
  • Increase hoof strength
  • Aids in digestion
  • Reduces cracks and chips in hooves

The 8 lb tub provides up to a 128 day supply and the 20 lb tub provides 320 day supply for one horse.

Horseshoers Secret Extra Strength
$34.95 - $77.95

Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength by Farnam is an extra strength formula providing 25 mg Biotin in each 2 oz serving. Helps support healthy hooves and connective tissue for your horse. Promotes healthy hoof growth and provides all the nutrients to prevent cracks and brittle hooves. Optimum nutrition encouraging tendon and ligament support.

Product Details:

  • Optimum nutrition for strong healthy hooves, tendons and ligaments
  • Supports hoof hydration, moisture retention and hoof hardness
  • Formulated by Equine PhD Nutritionist
  • Self Sealing Bag Or Fresh Lock Bucket
  • Approx 60 day supply for 1 horse
Nu Hoof Accelerator 11 lb

Nu-Hoof Accelerator by Select the Best is scientifically formulated to promote hoof growth. It contains balanced levels of Biotin, Lysine and Methionine, as well as 4-Plex EQ Metal Specific Amino Acid Complexes for hoof support. Also contains microbials to help synthesize these vital nutrients.

Product Details:

  • Comes in a highly palatable pelleted form for easy feeding.
  • Feed one scoop per day per horse.
  • Each scoop measures 2.93 oz.
  • 11 lb size will provide up to a 60 day supply for one horse.
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